In addition, our consultants have “IPM”, a proprietary web based software platform for developing, managing and utilizing your response plans from any location around the world. These are our core capabilities:

  • High quality, customized response plans employing the latest available technology and methodology
  • Emergency Response Plan Auditing
  • Web-based plan management systems (IPM)
    These systems are designed for enterprise-wide (emergency response, security, public affairs, and business continuity) plans providing consistent methodology and format across the corporation, business unit or company. This is a proven, tested, and highly effective tool for managing and maintaining response plans with enhanced functionality and accessibility throughout the organization.
  • Enterprise-wide emergency response plans
    - Crisis Management
    - Oil Spill
    - Hazardous Material Spill
    - SPCC
    - Facility Security
  • Exercises and Drills
    - Limited
    - Tabletop
    - Full Scale

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