Communicating in a crisis is a critical component of successfully managing any issue that your company may face. A public affairs strategy for crises involves thinking beforehand about issues such as how openly you will communicate, whether you will consult with outside entities in resolving an issue and how you will compensate affected parties when an incident occurs. The way your organization approaches these issues should be consistent with your corporate policies and personality.

News media is a key audience, because journalists a conduit to your other audiences. But communicating effectively and consistently with government entities, employees, customers, non-governmental organizations and others is also critical. Planning for this communication in a crisis streamlines your efforts and ensures that no key audience is neglected.

The Corporate Crisis Group’s public affairs component includes developing plans, policies and training for communicating in a crisis. With all of this in place, your company will be better prepared to preserve its reputation during and after a crisis.

  • Media Training
  • Strategy Development
  • Political
    - Corporate
    - Financial
  • Document Vetting
  • Change Management
  • Event Management
  • Issues Management
  • Crisis Communications Planning
  • Public Opinion Polls
  • Client Panels
  • Focus Groups
  • Credibility Campaigns
  • Litigation Communication
  • Reputation Management
  • Public Persuasion

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