Corporate Crisis Group is a Crisis Preparedness and Response, Reputation Management and Corporate Security firm providing functionally integrated planning, training and response for operational, corporate and governmental crises. Corporate Crisis Group defines itself by providing fully integrated emergency response, communications and crisis management capabilities that enhance the prospects for an acceptable and favorable outcome for you and your organization. Our global experience and extensive, practical expertise provide the skill, perspective and objectivity you need in the most difficult situations.



Corporate crisis management has two primary components: Crisis Management Operations (the “backside” mostly out of public view) and Crisis Communications (the “front side” which is primarily in public view). Crisis Operations represents the physical organization and activities needed to directly respond to an asset in trouble, support an Emergency Response Team, or manage a crisis event unrelated to assets, production or manufacturing.  Crisis Communications represents how the company communicates its position on crisis events and how those crisis events are managed with stakeholders and the public.

Corporate Crisis Group (CCG) ensures that all aspects are fully represented in an integrated crisis management program. There are three key areas that must be addressed in crisis planning to ensure effective Crisis Management Teams and organizational resilience.


Operations groups, communications groups, and functions such as EHS or Corporate Security are customarily the owners of the crisis management process.   While each function may have great expertise in its own responsibility, the different perspectives and priorities from executive management and other functions can result in conflicting guidance as the organization prepares for and addresses crises. Ensuring integration of the emergency response, communications and crisis management functions can provide the clarity required for an effective response.


It’s essential to provide clear procedures, effective training, and well-defined lines of coordination and authority. Otherwise, functional confusion with the process and planning, as well as meanings and applications of terms such as Crisis Communications, Emergency Response, Emergency Management, Crisis Management, Issues Management, Disaster Management and Business Continuity can leave gaping holes in a company’s ability to bring about a full spectrum integrated response capacity.


Resources allocated long ago for different circumstances may never be enough to overcome future threats unless they are regularly reviewed and renewed. To overcome a crisis, the organization needs to demonstrate a commitment to training, assessments of risks and systems, functional understanding, improvement strategies, leadership engagement, communication and focus on the clear delineation and execution of roles.

These deficiencies, as well as lack of a formalized process with standardized terminology, ineffective process ownership sharing, crisis management training, crisis management exercises and functional drills, all lead to general confusion under pressure. The result is often slow and ineffective responses, dropped issues and missed opportunities when managing crisis events. A slow or ineffective response on either the front or back end often results in a loss of confidence and more issues as stakeholders look to other sources of information and solutions. In some cases, it can result in a loss of reputation, business and even the ability to operate.


Integrated Business Controls

With decades of top level and hands-on experience, Corporate Crisis Group (CCG) provides a fully integrated crisis management program that thoroughly addresses both the Communications “Front Side” and the Operational “Back Side”, in conjunction with emergency management procedures that may be applicable.

Global Expertise

Through global executive, functional leadership and advisory experience, we have a long history of quickly, thoroughly and permanently solving these problems for many of the world’s largest and most complex organizations and industries. We have provided direct support for projects and businesses in more than 40 countries, as well as all parts of the United States. We are known for preparedness, direct response and executive advisory roles for real-time response management.

Thoroughly Prepared Team Focus

We efficiently organize emergency management, crisis communications and crisis management teams, while fully integrating communication and coordination between these response networks to build support capacity with buy-in and accountability among all functions. The ultimate objective is to fully leverage the whole company’s expertise and resources to ensure the best possible outcome.

Exercises, Drills & Online Training

We support and train client companies’ Emergency Response, Communications, Corporate and Crisis Management Teams through function specific and cross-functional training CCG provides Crisis Management Exercises and Drills, and a suite of standard or customized on-line interactive training courses to bring training consistency and common understanding to all company personnel locally, regionally or internationally.

Prepared for Your Defining Moment

At CCG, we have confronted virtually every imaginable crisis, including some of the most notable in corporate history. We know how to do it and have the specific dedicated resources and personnel that are needed.  Even under extreme scrutiny, external pressure and impossible time constraints, we’ll help you manage crises in ways that earn respect and appreciation from key stakeholders.

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