Managing the Unthinkable! What should you know about Corporate Crisis Group? Ensuring corporate resiliency through emergency response, communications, training, corporate security and crisis management.


The first thing to know about Corporate Crisis Group is that we are strategically focused. When investing in a program that will prepare you to overcome difficulties and shape the way your stakeholders view you, keeping focused on your strengths, values, and plans is critical to achieving desired results. Ensuring that the communications front-side and operational back-side are fully coordinated and responders are thoroughly trained are essential. The Corporate Crisis Group designs programs that are functionally integrated and anticipate future needs.


Corporate Crisis Group counselors have broad-range, hands-on experience in the C-suite as well as the field. We understand all perspectives. Our consultants have extensive international, domestic, corporate and government experience


We’re always on call. We’ll go where you need us, when you need us, as contributing members of your team.

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