Crisis Communications

Why Crisis Communications? “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”   Warren Buffett 

A crisis presents a defining moment for people and organizations. If you handle the operational crisis and are prepared with a strong crisis communications plan, train and handle it well, you ultimately will be better for it. Your handling of the crisis may even improve your reputation. If, however, you are not prepared and handle it poorly, a crisis can destroy your business as well as your personal reputation. While your actions are extremely important, the way they are communicated, with whom you communicate and the public perception can be equally important. At Corporate Crisis Group we want you to be prepared with a thoroughly prepared and effective crisis communications plan that helps you impress your stakeholders with your responsiveness and how well you handle the crisis.

We hope you are reading this because you know you can always improve and want to be as prepared as possible for the next crisis that will come your way. That will give us time to help you create the best possible crisis communications plan, thoroughly prepare your people and perhaps even build some alliances and supporters who can help you in difficult times. Consistent with the premise that the best time to make a friend is when you don’t need a friend, Corporate Crisis Group offers the capabilities and support of a full-service public relations agency for those who want to build their reputations, relationships with stakeholders and network of supporters. We also offer these services to clients who do not already have this full suite of capabilities.

If you are reading this because a crisis is already unfolding, then we don’t have any time to waste. Even if you are already prepared with integrated crisis management and crisis communications plans, having highly experienced and capable support in a time of crisis can be crucial. If you haven’t already been through scores of major corporate crises, you will want to have highly experienced crisis management and crisis communications counselors to assist you. Facing and surviving major crises provides insights and calm in the storm that you will want as you scramble to handle all that will come your way. We have been there, done that, and are ready to help you find a positive result from what confronts you.

Strategic public relations and planning

When you are not confronting a crisis, the Corporate Crisis Group believes in developing written, strategic and actionable plans. We work with our clients to define issues, goals and audiences, develop messages, and identify challenges, vulnerabilities and opportunities that must be considered. With this, we develop a written plan and strategies to respond, preserve or enhance a company’s reputation. We also develop plans and strategies around specific purposes, such as development of a new facility, implementation of a policy change, or mergers and acquisitions.

Public Affairs

To reduce opposition and bolster support for our clients. Corporate Crisis Group specializes in outreach to stakeholders, two-way communication and building understanding that leads to trust and cooperation. Our work covers the full spectrum of public affairs engagement from facility siting to initiatives and overcoming negative sentiment. Our counselors have represented major companies as well as small clients before the federal government, state legislatures, international and local officials.

Public Relations

The Corporate Crisis Group also provides the full range of corporate communication capabilities and support, from financial communications to employee communication and external relations.

Some of the major components of Corporate Crisis Group’s communications capabilities are highlighted below:

  • Crisis Communication: planning and support with extensive hands-on experience in managing major crises all over the world; providing a seasoned, objective and dispassionate perspective and knowledgeable help in implementing response strategies.
  • Online monitoring and social media: this is so much more than just Tweeting your position, it is proactively monitoring developments and leveraging expertise in SEO, rankings, and content to present a strong impactful presence and develop trusting relationships with your stakeholders.
  • Content strategy and development: this is what you say, how you say it and to whom. Your messages and the words you chose can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Media Relations: an important conduit for reaching your audiences. This is not just the network of reporters who follow you day-to-day. In a crisis, many new media outlets and types of reporters may engage. Deep experience and skill are critical to success.
  • Issues management: issues can make or break a project. They seem to have a life of their own, but there are ways to understand what is happening behind the scenes and influence their outcome.
  • Advocacy: from direct representation by experienced lobbyists before government entities to promoting the enterprise’s position with opinion leaders, Corporate Crisis Group can help you advance your business, government affairs and public affairs objectives.
  • Community engagement: to be successful with so much information available and so many channels to coordinate community activism, companies need to be transparent, forthcoming and supportive where possible and persistent in their outreach.
  • Reputation management: this is how your stakeholders and particularly the public judge you and your company. It is enormously important in your business’ ability to deflect criticism, advance projects and gain support.

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