Crisis Management

Crisis Operations, Emergency Management, & Emergency Response

CCG provides strategic support developing, organizing and training Crisis Management Teams and the Emergency Response and tactical teams they support.  We provide a full complement of supporting and related services and we’ve globally served clients from industry and government to elite institutions and high net worth individuals.

We speak the languages of executive management, facility and plant management, Emergency Response teams, Corporate Security, Health & Safety, and Communications, as well as consult with everyone from facility maintenance to boards of directors and government officials.

Services we routinely provide include: 

  • Crisis Response and Support
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Emergency Management & Emergency Response Planning
  • Security Management, Planning and Investigations
  • Operational Continuity Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Management Exercises and Functional Drills
  • Self-Directed Online Training (Custom designed or general)

“Corporate Crisis Group has your Front and your Back”

Crisis Management Team Operations are referred to as the “Back Side” of crisis management because most everything that happens within the team is generally not visible to the public.  The “Front Side” (Public Affairs and Crisis Communications) is an integral part of crisis management operations but referred to as the front side because it’s primarily in front of the public, investors and owners and speaks on behalf of the company.

Crisis Management Operations is the Crisis Management Team and all of its activities both vertically and horizontally.  It brings together relevant leadership and functional expertise to address strategic level corporate crisis events and/or provide tactical level support for field or asset emergency response efforts, individual emergency response teams or impacted employee or public groups.  Whether a process explosion, fatality, product recall, natural disaster, workplace violence incident, ethical misconduct occurrence, major environmental release, financial failure, terrorism or major corporate concern, activities to resolve those issues are managed here.

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