Crisis Preparedness New Year’s Resolution

Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution or simply a key objective for 2019, do your best to make your goal a crisis preparedness resolution. It’s an objective that not only makes you more effective but also allows you to enjoy more peace of mind. Ultimately, it leads to crisis prevention becoming a reality for your business. Then you could truly relax over the holidays!

crisis preparedness

Until that happens, the holidays are a perfect time to think through your crisis preparedness resolution and the actions that are needed. It might even make that long flight or car trip seem shorter. Just imagine having systems in place to prevent a crisis or at least manage it so effectively that it becomes a routine day at the office.

Why Crisis Preparedness?

Your business would be more valuable to markets that reward success and punish failure. Customers would be more confident about your capability, reliability and performance. Insurance rates and costs would be lower. Your organization would be safer and more secure. Employees would feel valued and more engaged. You wouldn’t lose what is important to you and your business.

A crisis preparedness resolution can help you prevent crises. It’s a way of thinking, planning and preparing that is focused on identifying risks, developing systems to minimize those risk and preparing to address them if there is a problem.  In fact, a rigorous crisis preparedness program protects your business, your bottom line, your reputation and your viability as a business.

Start with an emergency management program your team prepares for operational and safety threats. Just the thought and preparation in the emergency management program will help reduce risks. Then add Crisis management to expand your emergency management thinking to incorporate corporate risks, concerns and participation.

Crisis communications begs for crisis preparedness resolution

Finally, integrate crisis communications with your other preparations to ensure that you also reduce reputational risks. This is important because communications issues can often torpedo a company more quickly than the loss of a major operation. All of these together provide an integrated crisis management and communications discipline that anticipates, reduces and prepares for business risks.

Three Additions for Your Crisis Preparedness

This relatively small investment in crisis preparedness will limit your exposure and ultimately result in crisis prevention. Most crisis preparedness programs are centered around operational emergencies and foreseeable corporate problems. To be truly effective, be sure to include atypical corporate situations in your crisis preparedness plans. Three that everyone should consider are:

  • Poorly chosen words can turn an effective response into a reputational catastrophe that may cost a CEO his job and a company $billions. In many cases, simple media training for key personnel and responders can make a major difference.
  • Dozens of organizations are in turmoil following sexual harassment and hostile work environment revelations. There are proactive steps companies can take to learn where they may have issues, address the problem and stop it from festering into a future crisis.
  • Acts of violence have become more common in churches, schools and other public venues. This means that businesses and other organizations should also be prepared for this possibility. Even if you have nothing to do with the violence, your organization can be seriously harmed by such an event. There are steps you can take to better prepare your people and your organization.

Crisis Preparedness Resolution Leads to Crisis Prevention

The easiest path to crisis prevention is preparation and avoidance. A robust crisis management program, including crisis communications and emergency management, can help you achieve your New Year’s crisis preparedness resolution. In fact, crisis preparedness provides a wealth of benefits to those you care about and your bottom line.

To learn more, see our recent blog about fall crisis preparedness. If you’re still not sure what to do or want help, call us. We’re here to ensure you do a great job and make you look good doing it.

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