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Our Philosophy:

Effective Security, Resiliency and Crisis Management is a learnable culture and everyone’s responsibility.

Building a Culture:

Security, the kind that allows you to feel safe and know you’ve taken the precautions to really be safe, is a culture. Culture involves shared learning. The greater the capabilities of the teacher and the more dedicated your attention, the more you will learn and integrate that security culture into your routine activities.

Of course, you can contract guards and outside personnel, but there are limits to what they can accomplish without an engaged workforce. Building a security culture is easily accomplished, highly effective and it ensures that your employees are also in control.  It builds understanding and a supportive attitude within your company, and it reduces your sole dependency on others. Having a guard force can be and is critically important to many industries and organizations but it is infinitely more effective in combination with knowledgeable and engaged employees.

Resiliency is also a culture that can be learned. It stems from broad awareness and understanding of basic risks, how those risks become reality, and knowing what to do if those risks are realized.

Crisis Management, at its core, is again a culture.  While Crisis Management can often be enhanced through the expertise and capabilities of others, there are limits to what they can anticipate and accomplish without internal preparation and engagement.  Effectively managing and recovering from a crisis of any type is exponentially increased through clear organizational knowledge of what can be a crisis, how those situations are managed by type, and what everyone’s role would be under those circumstances. Optimally, crisis communication, executive and functional participation are integrated into the crisis management preparation and training programs.

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