Facilitated Classroom and Individualized Training, On-Site Drills & Boardroom Exercises

The ultimate learning experience comes from facilitated training, exercises and drills presented by experts in the field, with proven content tested through decades of global experience. We bring all our expertise and training materials to you for facilitated training on-site or a nearby location.   This approach provides the most intense and productive training, allowing us to evaluate readiness, identify improvement needs and provide you with the information needed to further advance your programs.

We conduct every kind of drill and exercise, including:

  • Readiness drills in functional departments
  • Emergency Response Team drills and exercises
  • Tabletop and “What If” exercises
  • Business Continuity and Operational Continuity exercises
  • Crisis Management Team exercises
  • Full-scale Integrated Response exercises

The Corporate Crisis Group (CCG) also conducts facilitated training for individuals and groups on the whole range of security, crisis management and communication matters, including:

  • Crisis Communications drills and exercises
  • Media Training for executives, practitioners and responders
  • Communication components for broader crisis and emergency response exercises

Many companies find it important to provide facilitated training and drills for key executives, supervisors, response teams, functional and operating groups, but they find it more efficient to train other employees through online training programs. For this reason, CCG offers a blend of both facilitated and online training programs for most areas of interest.

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