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At Corporate Crisis Group (CCG), we’ve worked hard creating superior and expert capacity building programs for Crisis Management, Communications and Security.  Our programs can seamlessly integrate with your company’s Learning Management System (LMS) or stand alone and be taken by anyone on our online, web-based LMS.  We have both off-the-shelf and custom training programs in corporate/asset physical security, crisis management and crisis communications.

Our LMS programs are typically 15-45-minute self-directed online training courses that include comprehension testing, and they can be tailored to your organization.  The program will train and track individual participants, as well as aggregate scores for the entire company ensuring complete consistency and leaving an auditable record.  These are not the tired, antiquated programs you may have seen in the past.  These are modern and sophisticated. They can be taken on laptop, tablet or mobile and reside inside or outside of your firewall…. whatever works best for you.  Our training programs are consistent with and support most companies’ IT, HR, litigation and risk minimization programs.

While some of CCG’s online training programs are available off the shelf, most of our clients prefer that we customize the programs to fit their organizations’ needs. This way we can deliver exactly the training you need and nothing else. We understand that if you are training 10,000 employees, the last thing you want to do is waste their time on content that isn’t important to your organization. Online Training programs include the following:

Corporate Security Training:

  • Basic Concepts and General Awareness
  • Risk Understanding, Assessment and Mitigation
  • Reporting and Recording Security Incidents and Emergencies
  • Conducting Investigations and Collecting Evidence
  • Conducting and Applying a Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Physical & Procedural Security
  • Access Control Management
  • Guard Force Management
  • Security Program Management

Crisis Management Training:

  • Basic Crisis Management and Building a Crisis Management Team
  • Writing a Crisis Management Plan
  • Implementing Crisis Management Plans
  • Integrating Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans
  • Building crisis notification systems
  • Building and running Crisis Management Exercises and Drills

Communications Training:

  • Crisis Communication Basics
  • Creating a Crisis Communication Plan
  • Media Training Fundamentals

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