Railroad crisis communications and management are enhanced by the unique perspectives and experience that come from work in the railroad industry, as well as broader understanding of the best practices in other industries. Railroads are an important part of our history, culture, transportation infrastructure, logistics capabilities, and an essential cog in the North American economies. Operating a railroad takes a special kind of business person. Their operations, planning, communication and response needs are specific to the industry and the individual railroad.

You don’t learn about the railroad industry or railroad operations overnight. And, you most certainly don’t quickly master the complex challenges and unique nature of railroad communication needs.


What happens if you have a derailment involving hazmat, a community becomes agitated over your operations, state or local officials want to control your operations, plaintiffs attack you in the press over a crossing incident, you’re involved in a takeover or expansion, or you simply need to improve your reputation? Do you have a plan and the tools to be successful? Have you ever hired a PR or crisis management firm to help you only to find you had to spend all your time teaching them about the railroad? Or, did you let this become your primary job, instead of running the railroad, and try to wing it without the resources needed to support you?

There’s an easy solution. Retain the most capable professionals who have seen and done virtually everything you’ll encounter. Secure support from leaders in their field from top companies in the railroad industry, and be sure they also have a wealth of other corporate and agency experience to enhance their railroad knowledge.

Railroad Practice Leader

John Ambler
Former Vice President Corporate Relations
BNSF Railway


Whether you are preparing or responding to a crisis, or need help with community, employee or stakeholder outreach, you need people who understand railroad issues, crisis management, and communications. That’s why we formed a specialty practice for railroad support, OnTrack Communications, within Corporate Crisis Group (CCG).

CCG’s railroad practice is led by the former head of communications for a Class I railroad and backed up by other professionals with substantial experience in railroad communications, training, and crisis management. We employ tested programs to protect and support your railroad. We understand the railroad business and deliver what you need while sparing you from the unnecessary distraction of teaching a consultant about your business.


Our senior consultants average over twenty-five years of substantive experience with railroads, other major industries and consulting. We have engaged stakeholders, media, communities and government at all levels across the country and internationally.


We’ve lived and worked through the challenges and opportunities of the railroad. We understand your business needs and the importance of aligning communication programs with them. We focus on effective strategy, the right messages and achieving needed results.

Crisis Communications & Management

CCG helps you develop an effective railroad crisis communications plan as an integral part of a broader crisis management plan, advises you on the options and response, manages capabilities and provides the direct response and support that you need.

Strategic Advisers

CCG consultants work collaboratively with our clients, bringing innovative thinking, proven strategic planning frameworks, and implementation skills to deliver services in key areas.

Public Affairs

CCG’s OnTrack Communications specializes in outreach to stakeholders, two-way communication and building understanding that leads to trust and cooperation. Our work covers the full spectrum of public affairs engagement from facility siting, to initiatives and overcoming negative sentiment. We have served as federal, state and local lobbyists for major business and can represent you, as well.

Public Relations

CCG’s OnTrack Communications manages media relations and social media for clients. We also support in-house staff through reporter research, media monitoring, message development, media training and interview preparation, as well as drafting news releases and pitching.

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