The violent events we have recently witnessed serve as a reminder that all our contacts need to know how to minimize harm in the unlikely event they are around violent situations involving weapons. In the hope that it will save others from harm, we are sharing a two minute segment from one of our security training programs on the standard protocol for dealing with violent circumstances. Please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Press Release – Integrated Crisis Management


Conquering Crisis Through Action and Perception

Corporate Crisis Group Creates Integrated Crisis Management Solution

Houston – November 1, 2017 – Corporate Crisis Group, LLC (CCG) today announced major enhancements to its crisis management, corporate security, crisis exercise and online training programs. CCG is fully integrating crisis communications and public affairs into its crisis management practice. A leading crisis communications expert, John Ambler, is joining CCG as a partner.  CCG now ensures complete crisis management support across departments, functions and executive management, and integrates emergency response plans at global assets.

Companies are frequently exposed to risks and preparedness needs such as natural disasters, terrorism, cybercrime, workplace violence, scandals, reputational assaults, espionage and other disasters. CCG cuts across functional barriers to anticipate and prepare for these daunting threats.

When firms focus solely on operational crisis management or just crisis communications, the incongruity weakens coordination and response. By integrating crisis management and crisis communications as equal partners, CCG successfully navigates these gaps in capacity and direction.

“The most effective way to address a crisis is by integrating operational crisis management with crisis communications, while ensuring those capabilities support the most isolated asset or field office,” said James Rountree, founding partner of Corporate Crisis Group. “The problem is achieving a balance of talent and influence. With the addition of John Ambler, we are up to any challenge.”

John Ambler has lead crisis communications in scores of oil spills, fatalities, toxic releases, bankruptcies, international business disputes and headline dominating corporate scandals. He has held top communication positions with several Fortune 10 energy companies, a major railroad, a multibillion dollar healthcare system and global consulting firms.

“For twenty years, Jim Rountree and I have worked together very effectively,” said John Ambler, Corporate Crisis Group partner. “Jim and the CCG team already exceed industry standards in crisis management and corporate security. Now we have married operational expertise with effective communications, so our crisis management capabilities are complete, integrated and effective.”

About Corporate Crisis Group, LLC

Corporate Crisis Group (CCG) is a strategic crisis management firm founded in 2002. CCG’s integrated approach ensures that businesses and their stakeholders are thoroughly prepared for potential risks. The company’s services include crisis management, risk assessment, planning, crisis communications, corporate security and related training, including customizable, online security and crisis training. CCG is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with global experience and capabilities.


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