Corporate Security & Enterprise Protection

Securing and protecting an organization’s people, assets, and successes today are critical to the operations and revenue streams of tomorrow.  The right planning and training today will give you the business controls you need to operate calmly in tomorrow’s storms.

CCG provides security consulting, management and support services to oil, gas, chemical, transportation and other industries in troubled, unstable and harsh environments globally.  We work hard to provide our clients only the right security solutions while not adding complexity or additional workload.

Our network touches every point on the globe giving us a response time capability measured in hours.  We provide personnel who are experts on the regions they serve and fluent in local languages.  Call us today and we’ll discuss your needs and the solutions we offer.

  • Security Consulting
  • Customized Self-Directed Online Training Courses
  • Security Training Workshops and Exercises
  • Strategic Security and Project Planning
  • Investigations
  • Business Risk Intelligence
  • Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Workplace Violence planning, training, and risk mitigation
  • Executive Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Off-duty Law Enforcement
  • Network & Cyber Security assessments
  • Project Management and Support
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Regulatory security programs such as CFATS, MTSA, TSA and C-TPAT

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